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About Our Services

FuelProject Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers solutions relating to the construction of service stations, specializing in forecourt construction and home-base fueling installations, including the sourcing, supply and installation of fuel storage, dispensing, monitoring, containment and electrical equipment.

Fuel Installation & Construction Projects

Fuel Installation for mining, commercial home bases and depots

  • Plan and build new fuel installations for mines, depots and commercial home-base sites.
  • Design fueling areas in accordance with customer and legal requirements.
  • Source and supply storage, dispensing, fuel management and safety equipment.
  • Install new above or below ground fuel tanks, bund walls, pumps, separator systems, etc.

Service station developments, forecourt revamps & upgrades

  • Plan and build new-to-industry service stations and forecourts.
  • Installation/Removal of fuel dispensing and storage equipment.
  • Forecourt revamps and upgrades to improve storage & fueling capacity

Project Management & Planning

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